your story is waiting to be told


If you are looking to take your mission, your brand, your business, your legacy, and your life into your own hands -

it's time to tell your story.

Let's get started!

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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here. My name is Madison Gonzalez.

I'm a Public Speaker, Bestselling Author of Dear Mirror, & Storyteller of the Year Award Winner.

As a storytelling coach and Empowerment Poet, I am here to empower you to share your story.

One of the most valuable things we each possess is our story. Stories make us who we are.

Stories are exciting and beautiful and unique. They make us human and they connect us all.

Whether you are looking to maximize your personal or professional potential, storytelling is your answer.


Mastering the art of sharing your story is the key to increasing your impact and income because human beings are hardwired to connect to story. Story is able to access a level of emotion and response in us that

facts, stats, and graphs simply could never reach.


There are endless ways to share your story. I share mine through poetry. The best thing about stories?

No one can ever take your story from you and no one can ever tell your story like you can.

Once your story is told, you never know where it will land.

Set it free and your next chapter just might surprise you.