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How to Answer the Question: Poetry is...

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

During an interview with a local newspaper, I was asked to fill in the blank:

Poetry is ___________________. My response? Self-expression.

I don't detest my answer and I haven't lost sleep over it or anything but I ask myself if that was the best reply I could give. Poetry is so much I struggle limiting it just one response.

Here are the other words I've come up with so far.

Poetry is therapy.

Poetry is beauty.

Poetry is freedom.

Poetry is healing.

Poetry is necessary.

Poetry is subconscious.

Poetry is power.

Poetry is growth.

Poetry is art.

Poetry is discovery.

Poetry is magic.

Poetry is validation.

Poetry is connection.

Poetry is whatever you want it to be.

Fellow poetry lovers - how would you fill in the blank?

I asked this question on my Instagram stories and received a flood of responses which you can view on my Instagram highlights.

I have linked the interview referenced above (video and print) here. Please enjoy learning what myself + other Indiana-based poets had to say on the subject.

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