"I discovered Madison by a chance of divine fate and timing. I had been called to share my personal story and journey with others for some time but found it difficult for many reasons. I was overwhelmed with how much I had to share and lacked focus on some of the detailed aspects. I found that as much as I was ready to share, I was also feeling very stuck, afraid and insecure of myself. Sharing something so personal forces you to be vulnerable which is really scary! But when I dove into Madison's work I knew deep down that she could help me unlock what was keeping me small and help me uncover the story dying to get out.  

As my story telling coach, Madison has helped me in so many ways! She listened and validated what I had experienced and ensured me that what I had to say could help other people. She provided me guidance with clearly defined direction that included homework that helped me define my personal "WHY" for sharing my story. She continues to provide me clear direction as I begin working on a book and numerous workshops and speaking engagements in my community. She has helped me gain confidence in myself and learn that what I have to say matters. Now I'm encouraging others to share their stories with the world. I'm so grateful to Madison and I'm so happy I found her when I did! I absolutely recommend her coaching services to anyone!" 


- Angela Hershey, Entrepreneur and Hospice Advocate


"Madison’s message on the power of storytelling was a message that reached the deepest part of my heart and every fiber of my body... It took me out of the darkness that I was obliviously in, and into the light by encouraging me not to feel like an imposter while sharing my story. Her message made me realize that my story can help someone else. About two weeks after hearing Madison’s message, I landed a speaking gig to share my story at a church’s teen service. At the service, I was able to confidently speak knowing that my message would bring peace and hope to those in the room. After the talk, many of the teens mentioned how hearing my story gave them peace, hope, and a new perspective. I am so blessed to have heard Madison’s message right on time!" 


- Charles Rose Jr., Author of Journey To Success


"What’s in a story? Stories can move you. They can start a political movement. They can inspire a generation. They are the lifeblood of any successful profession. I had the privilege of watching Madison present at the Author Advantage Live conference in Austin last fall, and I was blown away. She spoke without any pomp or vanity. She shared her story with so much poise and vulnerability, that the entire audience of 200+ was hanging on her every word. It was one of the most genuine connections I’ve ever felt with a speaker. Madison is a champion of your untold story! In her blog she says, “You cannot fully embrace and love yourself as you are today, if you do not stop hating the things that shaped you.” Great for any audience looking to fill their work with meaning and more genuine connections with their clients." 


- Jake Gunnoe, PhD


“It’s an incredible feeling to have someone so genuinely care about your story. Madison does just that. She empowers others in a fresh and relatable way. She connects others to the purpose of their life events and stories giving people a brand new perspective on the big “why did this happen to me” question. She stirs up hope and ignites passion for turning life stories into an impact that will become a legacy. Her mission is just so powerful. It will change lives and influence the world.” 

- Brittany Churchhill, Author of Tap In Not Out

So... what would your story mean to you in your life?